The Director (Softcover)

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The Director is the second book in the acclaimed ‘Landlady’ series, the first of which, The Landlady, saw the residents of Berlin’s Nollendorfstrasse 17 faced with the financial crisis of 1923. The Director moves their story forward to Summer, 1926.

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Berlin – Summer, 1926

The years of hardship and austerity are finally over. The people of Berlin have money in their pockets again and they want to go out dancing. Imported American jazz is the soundtrack of the summer, filling ballrooms, dance clubs and concert halls across the city.

To young Berliners, like Pieps Podolsky, America means progress and the freedom to be whoever you want to be. His neighbour, Margareta Thurau, who lived through a war and then lost everything in the subsequent chaos and hyper-inflation, is not so convinced.

At the edges of society there are scars that never healed and dark rumblings of discontent that could easily sweep up the disenchanted. Happy arrivals and tearful departures are becoming a way of life for the residents of Nollendorfstrasse 17. But, for most of them, life is good… for now!

This softcover novel measures 125 x 190mm and is printed on recycled paper. It can be shipped worldwide.




Brendan Nash


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