Some Kind of Angel (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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Have a joyously miserable time with this limited-edition (500) hardcover book. Excludes P&P.

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Glaswegian artist Roderick Abercrombie Smith and New Yorker Sam Wagner met by chance in a downtown Los Angeles bar. Smith’s drawings – wild renderings of frenetic figures, elegiac crowned heads, allegorical vessels adrift on unknown seas and oppressively-compressed crowd scenes – sparked Wagner’s darkly-comedic musings. Their shared vision is erudite, morbid and richly ironic. It is also strangely uplifting, with moments that are laugh-out-loud funny.

This volume is edited with an introduction and commentary from Neil Baxter. Smith and Wagner’s creative double act is exceptional. This first anthology of their works is produced in a special, limited, hand-numbered edition – as befits such original art and such unique artistic voices.

This special edition hardback book measures 170 x 240mm, is printed on heavyweight recycled stock in a limited edition of 500. It can be shipped worldwide.




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